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This article presents  AppPresser, with a look at its rates, features, capabilities, and moreMaintaining a WordPress site can be tricky, including how to develop an Android mobile application for your visitors and followers.Creating an application from a web page without any external assistance is achievable by several methods. For example, the WordPress Mobile app can be used to notify audiences of new material and they can readily share stories from their phone or tablet.

This article focuses on AppPresser, one of the many tools available for creating versatile applications.

AppPresser: Is Investing in It Worth It? 

A Comprehensive Overview of AppPresser

AppPresser provides an excellent user experience through its combination of ease of use and specialized control. It connects with Adobe’s PhoneGap platform through the use of plugins. PhoneGap’s custom extensions and additional enhancements allow you to interact with any device feature that it supports, such as contacts, geolocation, or the cameraIn this article, we cover the AppPresser review and the yearly plans available at @$249 as of February 2023. Take advantage of these exclusive deals now. Let’s dive right in!

 ➡ Exploring AppPresser Further

AppPresser, a WordPress mobile application builder, gives you the ability to create a WordPress Android and iOS app from your existing WordPress website and publish it on both the iTunes Store and Google Play.

You can make use of the mobile application builder to integrate alert boxes, build an e-commerce store with WooCommerce, a social media platform with BuddyPress, or you can go for custom-built features supported by PhoneGap’s API.

There won’t be any visible change to your work area or mobile site as a result of the installation of AppPresser. Your website’s normal design and function will remain unaffected. Consequently, if you go to your website through the standard web browser, you will not be able to detect any evidence of AppPresser’s presence. This allows WordPress to be converted into an application.

Characteristics Of AppPresser:

If you hope to unlock the full capabilities of AppPresser, then you must acquire a fast hosting service. In terms of managed hosting, AppPresser advises WPEngine. Keep in mind, since the applications of AppPresser do not operate without an internet connection, your users must possess a working web connection in order to access them. To further enhance the presentation and features of the application, AppPresser has a range of additional extensions available in their organization community. These comprise of:

  • AppPush – For utilizing pop-up messages through a standard group
  • AppBuddy – Connecting with BuddyPress
  • AppCamera – Developing photograph-sharing apps
  • App-Geolocation – To partner with Geolocation
  • AppSwiper – An efficient touch-based slider widget for your application’s webpage
  • AppWoo – Integration with WooCommerce

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Detailed Characteristics

1. Notification via Push:

AppPresser makes it easy to incorporate Push Notification into your account and begin sending out notifications.

It is possible to dispatch alerts that open pages with explicit material inside the program or even redirect users to an external URL. Through our API, notifications can be sent from any source, whether it be your WordPress website, a command line, or any other app.

The Agency Plan includes AppPush, a plugin for WordPress that allows the sending of pushes to individual devices for logged-in users. For instance, a BuddyPress user can send a private message. AppPush can be used to send notifications manually, or when a new post is published. Moreover, custom code can be utilized to join pushes with any WordPress activity or plugin.

2. A Social Networking Tool Called BuddyPress

BuddyPress is a social networking tool that enables users to interact with each other in an online environment. It provides users with a platform to create and share content, as well as engage in conversations with others. It is a powerful tool that can help build relationships, foster collaboration, and grow online communities.

AppPresser provides the prominent plugin “Facebook in a box” BuddyPress, which allows you to convert your existing BuddyPress-run website into a social networking app.

For those users with Agency plans or higher, AppCommunity provides an add-on to incorporate BuddyPress into their application. With AppCommunity, AppPresser clients can create a social mobile app for their WordPress sites that is similar to Instagram or Facebook. Through this expansion, users of the application can post activity updates, upload pictures, build friendships, send private messages, join groups, and much more.

AppCommunity provides the ability to create remarkable apps or just add a single feature such as private messaging to existing apps.

3. WooCommerce

This popular e-commerce platform grants users the capacity to easily create an online store and start selling products. It is well-known for the user-friendly features that make it simple to manage an online business.

AppPresser provides the capability to produce a speedy, local mobile application for your WooCommerce store on iOS and Android devices.

Customers of your app will be able to browse and purchase your items within the app, using the same payment gateway that you have on your webpage. If Stripe or PayPal is utilized on your site, the payment process in the app will be identical to the way it is done on your site.

4. Gaining Knowledge Through LearnDash

LearnDash is an ideal way to gain knowledge and understanding. It offers a platform for users to increase their skills and further their education. This platform provides users with various tools to help them learn, including courses, quizzes, and other resources. It is a great way to stay up to date on the latest developments in any field.Create a mobile app for your LearnDash website using AppPresser; the app is available for both iOS and Android.Incorporate your instructional classes, activities, focuses, tests, and the vast majority of your LearnDash substance. Your understudies will most likely sign in, observe their activities, take tests, and download course materials. They can do everything in the application that is comparable to how it works on your site.

5. Finding one’s Location

Geolocation is a technology that enables us to determine a person’s exact geographical position. This technology is used in many applications such as navigation systems, finding nearby restaurants, and search engines. By using satellites and other means of tracking, it is possible to pinpoint a person’s exact location. Geolocation is an invaluable tool in today’s world, as it allows us to access information quickly and accurately.

Using the Geolocation extension, users of your app can pinpoint their spot on a Google Map, and afterward share the coordinates with WordPress. Furthermore, they can “check in” to a particular Google Places business or a custom location.

The shortcode can be included in any post or page to display a “post area” or “Check-in” button.

You can create a new post, no matter the post type, with a custom title, as well as geolocation data which will add a Google map with a marker for the location.

It is possible to keep up-to-date records of all logged-in customers in the client area. Create apps for diary-keeping, social media, taking pictures, navigation, and much more.

6. Verifications

To ensure accuracy, an act of checking in is done. This process is often referred to as verifications.

Users of your application can be granted the ability to check in to a business from Google Places or a personalized location via the addition of a button on any page. After the user checks in, the place is displayed in a custom post type; metadata such as the latitude, longitude, place name, and address can be accessed.

Your app can display check-ins through a custom page layout or a channel to perform a custom action. For example, after the user checks in, they can be taken to a page with a coupon, similar to Yelp.

7 .Capturing the Moment

Using a camera is one way to record a moment in time. This device allows us to take pictures of special occasions and preserve memories for posterity.

For iOS and Android devices, AppPresser can access the local camera within the app.

By including the AppCamera plugin (included in the Agency Plan), you can add a shortcode to any WordPress post or page that creates a camera button. When clicked, this button will open the user’s device camera or photo library and allow them to upload their images to your WordPress media gallery.

8. BuddyPress: A Platform for Social Connectivity

BuddyPress is a platform that provides an avenue for social connectivity. It allows users to create their profiles, form groups, and interact with each other in different ways. Its features are highly customizable and provide a wide range of social media features. With this platform, users can share their experiences and connect with others in a meaningful way.

In combination with BuddyPress, a camera icon is included in the activity feed for users to upload pictures with their activity posts. This renders the capability to add Facebook/Instagram-like activity streams.

9. Utilizing WooCommerce

The platform of WooCommerce can be utilized to its fullest potential to benefit businesses. This technology can assist with driving success and efficiency in the marketplace.

When integrated with WooCommerce, a camera icon is added to the single product page. This provides customers the opportunity to upload photos of that particular item onto your website, which will then be displayed in the item’s photo gallery.

10. Varied Choices

  • Assess photos before showcasing them in your collections
  • Establish an alternate custom post type when a photo is uploaded, and display it wherever desired
  • Incorporate Geolocation to document the location where the photograph was shot
  • Secure the image as the post’s featured image

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11. Signing In With Facebook

Logging in with a Facebook account is a popular way to access various websites and applications. It offers a simple and secure way to authenticate users and grant them access to the services they want. By signing in with Facebook, users can log in quickly without having to remember a long list of passwords.

AppPresser provides comprehensive integration with WordPress including the ability to enable users of the app to log into WordPress with their Facebook account.

Utilizing Facebook for logging in allows your application users to do so securely and easily. Even if they don’t have an account with your website, you can set one up for them after they log in. If they don’t have a Facebook account, then they can still access your app using a traditional login form.

You can guarantee that various menu items are contingent upon the login state, so users who have signed in will have access to private pages, whereas those not logged in will not. Facebook login works with any registration tools for WordPress, meaning that all exclusive content will appear the same way on your website.

12. AP3 Ion Theme 

AP3 Ion Theme is designed to provide your application with a native look right out of the box. It is constructed to integrate smoothly with a variety of mobile device features such as the camera and social sharing. Additionally, AP3 Ion Theme is compatible with WordPress plugins like WooCommerce and Gravity Forms. It also integrates with Google Maps, Youtube, and more install codes.

If you wish to make considerable modifications to your app, AppPresser 3 provides complete support for WordPress child themes. Combining the adaptability of a child theme with the power of new features like AppPresser Template Hooks, you can realize that there are no limits to the customizations you can integrate into your app!

The AP3 Ion Theme has incorporated styling for a handful of Iconic Framework components. These can be integrated into a Custom HTML page quickly, resulting in a visually appealing page.

13. Sharing Through Social Media

Clients of your application can effortlessly share content you provide on multiple platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, text, and email with AppPresser’s social sharing feature.

The ability to share posts socially is built into the toolbar of every post; using our AppShare feature, you can place sharing links into any part of your WordPress website by entering a shortcode.

When you enable social sharing options, your post or page title and a link to your content will automatically be included in the local sharing selections.

Included in all plans is the capability to socially share, and the Agency Plan has the app share plugin included.

14. Constructing your program

For $199, you can get a basic AppPresser WordPress app; however, for access to camera integrations and e-commerce, it’s $499. If you’re interested in assessing the cost of creating an app from the ground up without AppPresser, it links to a few useful online resources.

You have the option of submitting your apps to the iTunes Store and Google Play on your own, or you can choose to utilize AppPresser’s services for $499. It is recommended that you register and read the complimentary AppPresser Developer Handbook before buying either the standard or agency bundle. Once you have secured either bundle, you can start constructing your app.

15. Cost Structures Provided By AppPresser

Take a look at the prices now:

16. What Are the Initial Steps Towards Utilizing AppPresser?

The initial step to setting up AppPresser involves installing the plugin on the WordPress dashboard. This plugin links the website to AppPresser’s features and extensions via PhoneGap. Additionally, the AppPresser Theme and AppSwiper Plugin also need to be installed.

This theme is being proposed as it won’t affect your current desktop or mobile HTML site. The theme is structured explicitly to be utilized by contact-based gadgets, unlike typical WordPress themes. When you have the plugin and themes installed, the subsequent step is logging into your account. Go to “My Account” and then “View Details and Downloads” to receive your license keys and theme download. Additionally, extra plugin downloads can be found on this page. When in your WordPress Dashboard, upload the theme zip file that you downloaded, but don’t activate it yet.

Once you have downloaded and activated the Swiper plugin, you can enable “Load AppPresser for Administrators Only”. This will allow you to view your app as the administrator without modifying the typical functioning of the site. To view the standard website, browse in incognito mode. Enter your license key and save the settings. Although it will work, it won’t provide an optimal experience out of the box. Thus, you have to create a distinct custom home page for the application.

17. Design the Home Page of Your App

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WordPress recommends that you create a special home page for your application, which will be visible to those who use the app. This won’t impact the desktop or mobile HTML website. This can be done from the WordPress dashboard, with comments turned off since they are not suitable for contact-based apps. The AppSwiper plugin introduces custom post types labeled Sliders.

18. Presenting Your Programs

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If you wish to put your apps for sale in iTunes Stores and Google Play, you will have to purchase an Apple iOS Developer Membership for $99 and a Google Play license for $25. AppPresser provides a service to list your apps in the stores for $499, or you can follow their step-by-step guide to do it yourself.

19. Promoting Your Application

The use of digital technology has become increasingly prevalent in today’s society. It has grown to be an integral part of our lives, from communication to entertainment. Nowadays, it is almost impossible to go a day without being exposed to some form of digital technology.

The proliferation of digital technology has been widespread in recent years, becoming an essential part of our day-to-day lives. It is hard to find a person who does not have some level of interaction with digital technology, from social media to streaming video services. Digital technology has become so ingrained in our lives that it is almost impossible to go a single day without encountering it.

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After your app is available in the store, the next step is to create campaigns to promote it. You have to make everyone aware of your new program. Social media networks are a great way to share this information. Notify your readers through all the regular channels, including email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Additionally, you may want your visitors to spot an eye-catching banner at the top of your mobile site when they browse it.

It is also recommended to do the following:

Common Questions about AppPresser:

  ➡ What is AppPresser all about?

AppPresser is a platform designed to integrate WordPress into an app. It includes various WordPress plugins and a theme that is fitted to do certain tasks such as uniting your favored custom plugins. They provide a speedy and cost-effective way of going from WordPress to a hybrid app. It is ideal for a developer or agency who wishes to construct apps for their customers, by using one of AppPresser’s themes and transforming it.

What are the characteristics of AppPresser?

AppPresser is an application creator with numerous features. It provides extra extensions to enhance the introduction and performance of your application, all of which are available in the organization group. Some of these features include AppPush, AppBuddy, AppCamera, AppGeolocation, and AppWoo. AppPush allows for the sending of pop-up messages and is incorporated at no extra cost. AppBuddy allows individuals to create a social convenient application, similar to Instagram or Facebook, where users can post activity updates, and photographs, make friends, send private messages, and join groups. AppCamera permits customers to add a short code to any WordPress page that gives access to a photo library, allowing customers to upload their pictures to the WordPress media display. AppGeolocation enables the storage of client area information for all signed-in customers. With AppWoo, AppPresser helps to build a quick, local mobile application for WooCommerce stores on Android. Payment for the application is made through Stripe or PayPal, just like on the website.

What kinds of Pricing arrangements does AppPresser provide?

AppPresser offers three plans: standard, professional, and advanced. Both the monthly and the annual plans are available for purchase. The standard, professional and advanced plans cost $59, $79, and $129 respectively on an annual subscription. For monthly subscriptions, the standard, professional and advanced plans cost $79, $99, and $149 respectively. In addition, AppPresser supports various payment options such as Apple Pay, debit cards, and Google Pay. Moreover, they accept some payment methods beyond standard credit card payments.

Are There Any Additional Fees For Utilizing AppPresser?

AppPresser does not have any secret or extra expenses involved in it. However, you should have your own Apple and Android developer accounts.

What benefits does AppPresser offer?

AppPresser is a popular app-building platform that is straightforward and uncomplicated to use. It is a great choice for those with no experience in coding who wish to create a basic app. It is cost-effective, as the payments are taken every month rather than in a lump sum, and includes offline functions that enable you to work without internet access.

Is there a possibility to evaluate AppPresser through a free trial?

You can try out AppPresser free of charge for two weeks, but they do not offer a refund if you are unhappy with the product. This program can help you create awesome apps. Additionally, they provide discount coupons to allow you to save money on your order.

What is the procedure for entering an AppPresser coupon code?

To take advantage of an AppPresser coupon code, click the Get Code button to copy the code. Then, go to the AppPresser website and paste the code into the box while checking out. Once the code has been entered, the discount will be applied. For the deals you want to redeem, just click the Activate Deal button to activate the savings. That’s all there is to it!

What is the most impressive promotional code being offered by AppPresser at this time?

Presently, AppPresser is providing customers with a 20% discount coupon. Out of the seven active coupons, this is the greatest AppPresser coupon accessible today.

What are people’s opinions on AppPresser?

AppPresser is a prominent mobile builder amongst its peers, such as Appsheet or Appypie. In comparison to its competitors, AppPresser can be seen as a mid-range performing product. Its benefits include a user-friendly interface, a wide selection of themes, good app integration options, efficient publishing and testing features, and great customization design.

AppPrsser offers to take care of submitting your apps to the developer accounts on your behalf; you can re-submit the app shortly after the initial submission is complete.


Constructing mobile applications is not an easy process. It requires specialized skills to craft apps that are optimized for mobile devices and offer a great user experience. AppPresser is a WordPress mobile application designer that is capable of generating effective applications that integrate with multiple platforms and support smart devices.


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