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All-in-one solution What can you do with SendOwl? SendOwl is designed to support creators and businesses of all shapes and sizes. Take advantage of a single feature, or bundle them together.
Establish your digital products easily and start offering them in any way and venue of your preference. SendOwl can help you reach a bigger audience and draw in more shoppers across different channels.
Link your Shopify store, or introduce a call-to-action code to your already existing website or blog. Utilize SendOwl social links to sell right from social media accounts. Furthermore, if you require to build a complex custom solution, we also offer API keys for third-party applications.

SendOwl is the ideal ecommerce platform for selling digital goods from webpages and social media networks due to its ease of use. If you wish to offer digital products from your blog,

SendOwl allows you to establish and customize an online store that can be added to your blog quickly. Additionally, you can generate social links which let you to trade over the internet on Facebook and other social media sites. The buying and checkout process is also excellent.

Consumers can place items into their shopping cart and carry on with their shopping at their own pace. It even offers flexible payment options and can support multi-language and multi-currency transactions. Furthermore, SendOwl can take care of all your transactions.

If you also want to include physical products in your store, it can manage that type of sales as well. Plus, you can set up memberships, subscriptions, and drip content. Moreover, you can generate codes and license keys for your customers.

SendOwl can be used to promote and offer a wide range of digital products, such as videos, e-books, photos, patterns, music, software, and podcasts. All one has to do is upload the file to one of the servers and connect it to a Shopify item and the SendOwl team will take care of the rest.

The SendOwl team is constantly looking for ways to better the app since they charge for it and they utilize global networks of servers for faster and more dependable downloads, which maximizes customer satisfaction and decreases customer feedback. If a customer has any inquiries, the team is available and ready to answer as quickly as possible.

Instead of speaking to a general customer service agent, you will converse directly with the developers of the SendOwl platform. It does not matter how difficult or specialised your query is, you will receive an appropriate answer swiftly.
SendOwl’s automated, rapid and safe system sends a secure, limited-time link to the customer each time a purchase is made, regardless of whether it is one or 10,000 items. Everything is automated and doesn’t necessitate daily maintenance.

  • Features:
  • The customer can receive the download link either through a different email or the Shopify order email,
  • The customer account area can be expanded to include download links,
  • To decrease fraud, stamp PDF files with the purchaser’s email address and name,
  • Streaming videos instead of downloading,
  • Fast and smooth delivery,
  • Automatic completion of Shopify orders,
  • Hosting the files yourself is optional,
  • An analytics page in the style of Google to control order information,
  • The capability to give out products over different lengths of time,
  • The capacity to deliver multiple files for each order, including multiple files for each kind of product,
  • Integration with multiple third-party fraud applications and the fraud system already installed in Shopify.
  • All downloads are accessible on one page
  • The ability to download to Dropbox,
  • The download page is compatible with mobile devices and available in multiple languages.

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