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Exploring the Fundamentals of Dynamic Landing Pages & Creating Them in WordPress

Creating dynamic landing pages in WordPress is possible with the help of SeedProd. Images, such as the one below, can be used to illustrate what these pages look like and how they are created.

what is a dynamic landing page and how to create dynamic landing pages in WordPress

Are you searching for a convenient method to customize your WordPress homepage of yours?

The content of your landing page can be modified to suit the requirements of your website visitors, and this can lead to a considerable increase in conversion rates.

In this article, we’ll discuss the concept of dynamic landing pages and how to generate one in WordPress.

Before this, however…

What Constitutes a Dynamic Landing Page?

For website visitors, a dynamic landing page is a type of web page that displays various messages to them based on their location, the words they used to search, and other elements.

For PPC campaigns, many webmasters employ dynamic landing pages to correspond with ad groups, ad copy and particular search phrases. However, dynamic landing pages can be utilized in an assortment of situations to better suit your content to prospective customers.

The basic idea of dynamic landing pages is that they alter the headline or body copy to match the search terms used by users.

Considering this, what advantages can be gained from customizing one’s landing pages?

What Are the Benefits of Employing Dynamic Landing Pages On Your Site?

Dynamic landing pages are highly beneficial in terms of upping conversion rates; this is one of the primary reasons they are used.

A traditional landing page is usually built on a single set of keywords or a single digital marketing campaign. However, dynamic pages provide a more personalized experience by allowing users to have access to content that is tailored to their individual needs.

For example, if a person looks up ‘events near me,’ the landing page would adjust to the user’s particular location, such as ‘events in Florida.’

Using dynamic keyword insertion in this way means that the customer’s query is answered even before they have had to ask it, such as ‘is that event in my area?’ This provides a great customer experience and shows them that their needs will be met.

Thus, it is highly probable that the individual will choose your enterprise over others.

Guidelines to Develop an Engaging Landing Page through WordPress

The entire concept might seem daunting initially. You could need the assistance of an expert to generate pages that can alter themselves dependent on search requests, Google ads text and other elements.

It may be correct in certain circumstances; however, if you own a WordPress website, there are numerous ways to make dynamic pages that are simple to do.

These steps show you how you can make a dynamic landing page in WordPress with ease.

1. Opt for an Appropriate WordPress Plugin

When it comes to incorporating dynamic content into your landing page, SeedProd is a great option amongst the various powerful plugins available on WordPress.

The leading WordPress landing page plugin from SeedProd SeedProd’s plugin is the top choice for creating landing pages on WordPress.

WordPress users can easily construct any type of landing page with SeedProd, the top drag-and-drop landing page builder.

It is possible, to begin with, a prepared, responsive landing page template from SeedProd and modify it using their visual editor. An alternative is to create a page from the ground up, using SeedProd’s drag-and-drop content blocks to form it.

Blocks can be employed to add:

  • Organizing Contests

  • Authentication forms

  • Registration forms

  • Connecting to social media

  • Rotating photos

  • Including Google maps

  • Setting up Countdown timers

Individuals can avoid plagiarism by restructuring their text without altering the meaning or context. This can be achieved by changing the order of the words, using synonyms, or rewriting sentences to convey the same sentiment.

It is possible to avoid plagiarism by altering the structure of a text without altering its contextual and semantic content. This can be done by rewording the original text to make it distinct.

Adding many more features to your page is possible.

SeedProd’s Dynamic Text option can be utilized for customizing any heading or text element of your page to a specific user.

If you would like to craft a vibrant landing page with WordPress, SeedProd can show you how it’s done.

2. Get SeedProd Ready for Use

To do so, install and activate it.

Once you have opted to use SeedProd to create your landing page, the ensuing step is to install and activate the SeedProd plugin.

Once you’ve completed the SeedProd setup process, a welcome page will appear. This page requests that you enter your license key. This key can be obtained by logging into your SeedProd account and selecting the View License Key, Details, and Downloads link.

get your SeedProd license key

Obtaining a License Key from SeedProd is possible. It is represented by the image above.

Put the copied key into the license key section on the WordPress page and then click the Validate Key button.

Insert your SeedProd license key Putting in the SeedProd license key is the first step in activating it.

3. Establish a Landing Page

Head to the bottom of the page and press the Create Your First Page button.

Construct a SeedProd landing page in minutes

Constructing a landing page for your website with SeedProd is fast and easy. You can have your first page set up in minutes.

When you go to SeedProd’s landing page dashboard, 4-page modes will be visible:

SeedProd provides a convenient way to enable individual landing pages; all you have to do is click one of its available page modes.

An illustration depicting the various modes of a landing page that can be created using SeedProd can be seen below.

SeedProd's Landing Page Modes

For instance, you can turn on the Coming Soon Mode to put up a coming soon page that will inform visitors about your new website. Additionally, you can enable the 404 Page mode to add a personalized 404 error page to your website.

SeedProd’s plugin is great in that it packs in the functionality you would normally get from multiple WordPress plugins in one, concise package. No need to download additional plugins.

In the page mode section, you can view a compilation of the various pages created through SeedProd. As we have not developed one yet, choose the Create New Landing Page button to get going.

4. Select a Landing Page Layout

Once you hit the button to craft a fresh landing page, SeedProd’s page themes will appear.

Landing page layouts from SeedProd SeedProd provides a selection of responsive landing page templates.

By selecting one of the tabs at the top, you can organize the templates according to your objective or field of business.

  • On the Horizon

  • 404 Error

  • Marketing

  • Presentation

  • Opt-in

  • Thanks

  • Log On

Utilizing a different structure, it can be said that altering the composition of the text without altering the semantic meaning or the context is an effective way to avoid plagiarism.

The idea that technology can be used to enhance the educational experience for students is gaining traction. Increasingly, educators are looking to digital tools to provide students with an engaging and effective learning environment. Through the utilization of technology, educators have the potential to make education more stimulating, as well as more accessible to those who might not have had the opportunity to learn in a traditional setting.

The drag-and-drop editor allows for the personalization of any template design, so you’re not restricted to certain categories when it comes to the look you want.

This tutorial will use the Automotive Sales Page, which can be located in the Sales area.

When you wish to include the template, simply hover your cursor above its preview and click the orange checkmark.

Following that, a dialog box will show up requesting that you input a title and URL for your page. You can adjust this setting later on, so go ahead and name it whatever you choose.

Pick a name and URL for your landing pageCreate a name and URL for your landing page with SeedProd.

Hit the Save and Start Editing the Page button to import your template into the SeedProd visual editor.

5. Personalize the Landing Page

SeedProd's Visual Editorseedprod drag and drop interface An easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface can be found in SeedProd.

Once you’ve brought in your template, it will show up in the visual drag-and-drop editor. The WordPress Landing Page Builder from SeedProd is organized in an easy-to-understand two-panel design.

  • On the left: Sections and elements to construct and personalize your page

  • On the right: Real-time view of your landing page in action

Differentiating plagiarism from paraphrasing can be difficult, as both involve taking another person’s ideas and expressing them in one’s own words. However, while plagiarism entails simply copying and pasting another person’s words, paraphrasing requires reconstructing the original text in one’s own writing style and format. This involves changing the structure of the passage and the words used, while still keeping the same meaning.

The ability to reword text so that it does not appear to be plagiarized is an important skill. It involves changing the structure of the text while maintaining the same meaning and context. This involves preserving the markdown formatting as well.

Putting material onto your web page is effortless; merely take a block from the left column and place it in the desired location on the right side.

Customize and alter your template by clicking on any page element to view the options available to modify on the left-hand panel. For example, when you click the bullet list element, the settings you can alter will be visible in the left column.

The bullet list can be modified, including the text, icon color, and spacing. Additionally, the Advanced tab provides access to settings to personalize fonts, list format, and more.

Pictured here is the SeedProd block settings page which allows for editing of content on the landing page. SeedProd provides a convenient way to customize and adjust the page.

The design of most SeedProd blocks is simple, so they can be altered to fit your needs without any programming.

Making modifications to the colors, fonts, and background of your landing page, is a straightforward process. All you have to do is click on the gear icon to open the Global Settings panel.

An image of the SeedProd global settings panel is shown, which can be used to configure the plugin’s settings. This panel allows users to customize the global settings of SeedProd.

You can open the customization options by expanding each tab. For example, when you click the Background tab, you will find a range of options for altering your background, such as:

  • Choose between a solid hue or a gradient tone

  • Insert a photo as your backdrop

  • Adjust the dimensions of the background

Change the backdrop of your dynamic landing page with a new image from SeedProd!

You can customize the font and color for your page as well. All you need to do is to select the relevant tab and then pick the desired color for your buttons, header, and text. This will apply to all of those elements on your page.

Alter the colors in your interactive landing pageglobal color settings SeedProd

You can customize the colors of your dynamic landing page with SeedProd. It’s easy to change the colors to suit your needs.

Keep on tweaking your page until it is precisely the way you want it to be.

6. Insert Dynamic Content into Your Site

At this point, it is necessary to customize your landing page for individuals who are searching for what you are offering utilizing either search engines or ads.

Two methods to make dynamic webpages are available from SeedProd.

  • Text That Changes Depending on the Date

  • Text That is Altered Through Query Variables

It is possible to avoid plagiarism by altering the structure of a text, while still preserving the same meaning and context. This can be achieved by rewriting the words and phrases, rearranging the order of sentences, and changing the overall form of the text.

The ability to deliver a successful presentation is essential to any successful business. To guarantee the outcome, preparation is key. Taking the time to plan out what to say, how to say it, and how to deliver it will ensure a successful presentation. Moreover, practice is essential to making a good impression. Practicing your presentation beforehand will help you to feel more confident and comfortable when delivering it.

Text That Varies Depending on the Date

Dynamic text with a date-based structure can be used to create and display a date on your landing page. For example, if you ran a never-ending sale, you could have a headline that reads, “[#today:%A] is the last day of our sale!”

When an individual accesses the page, the date of the current day is displayed instead. For instance, a message like “Our sale ends Tuesday” is shown, or whatever day it is for the particular user.

Text that Changes Depending on Query Parameters

Dynamic text query parameters enable you to individualize your website based on different queries. This is a great approach to tailor your page according to ad keywords or customize a page with a person’s name.

As an example, you could create a page with a headline and a dynamic text tag with the query parameter being: “Hi there”.

Without a query parameter, the response will be a simple “Hi there.” However, if you specify a name, it will be shown as “Hi John.”

SeedProd makes it effortless to insert variable text into your landing page, and you can utilize it wherever you’d like.

A headline and text section come with a button that will automatically insert dynamic text.

If, for instance, you are looking to adjust the headline so that it displays a varying message depending on the area, you can click on the headline and press the Insert Dynamic Text button.

SeedProd provides the ability to incorporate dynamic text replacement, allowing for the insertion of unique content that changes based on the user. It is a useful tool to customize the user experience and make it more personalized.

Input a parameter such as ‘location’ and select a default value like ‘You’ as a choice.

By default, the headline reads ‘Driving Instructors Near You.’ But if the URL parameter includes a location, for example, ‘location=Florida,’ then the headline will be altered to ‘Driving Instructors Near Florida.’

An illustration of query parameters for a dynamic landing page that is dependent on the user’s location can be seen in the image below provided by SeedProd. The parameters are used to customize the page accordingly.

As previously mentioned, you can go through the steps outlined to customize any text or headline in SeedProd. However, if you are looking to add dynamic text to other SeedProd elements such as a call to action button, you can copy the dynamic text code and paste it where you need it.

A call-to-action button with customized textA CTA button with dynamic text replacement from SeedProd.

Before progressing, ensure you hit the green Save button to keep your modifications.

If you are looking for a way to add Facebook Events to your WordPress website, this article has the answer.

7. Establish Parameters for Your Landing Page

Now that you have made the necessary alterations, let’s look at some additional settings that can be managed in SeedProd. Among them are email marketing parameters.

Integration with your email list can be quickly done with SeedProd.

At the top of the page, click Connect, and you’ll be presented with a wide array of email marketing services. If you’d like to ask people to sign up for your mailing list, this is the panel to use to link your email marketing service.

To get started, pick the email service you prefer and then refer to our email integration documentation for instructions.

With a single click, become connected to thousands of applications through Zapier. Additionally, use Google Analytics to supervise your page’s performance, while also keeping it spam-free with Recaptcha.

Once your email list has been linked, you can get to the Page Settings tab to explore more options.

landing page configuration The configuration of a landing page can be done with assistance from SeedProd.

Depending on the kind of page being constructed and the plan with SeedProd, the settings page usually contains five parts.

  • In General: Alter the title and web address of your landing page or transition from published to draft.

  • Unique Domain: Assign any landing page a custom domain that is distinct from the domain of your existing website using the guide.

Using an alternate structure, the same context and semantic meaning of the text can be preserved without plagiarism.

Rather than using the same words, one can change the structure of a text to make sure that it is not plagiarized. This can be done by altering the arrangement of the sentence while still keeping the same context and meaning of the original text.

Once you are done making changes to your settings, you should save and return to the Design tab.

8. Make Your Dynamic Landing Page Available to the Public

Before releasing your landing page, make sure to check if it works properly on mobile devices. If there are issues with it being mobile-responsive, it won’t have an optimal appearance or performance on tablets and smartphones with smaller touch screens.

The good news is that SeedProd offers a mobile preview feature so you can make sure your page works well on mobile devices. To see how your page looks, all you need to do is click the mobile icon located at the bottom of your screen. Check out this link to learn more.

By clicking on the icon shown below users can access the mobile preview feature of SeedProd.

From that point, you can observe how your ever-changing page appears on a mobile device and adjust anything that doesn’t look or function as expected.

A glance at your tailored landing page can be seen on mobile with SeedProdPreview your dynamic landing page in mobile

Once you are satisfied with the results, it’s time to make the page public. Select the downward arrow near the green Save icon and click Publish.

Make your dynamic landing page available Making your landing page available to the public is easy with SeedProd.

You will be shown a window with a notification that your page is now online.

Clicking on the See Live Page will give you a preview of the page in action.

Dynamic landing pages created with WordPress WordPress can be utilized to create dynamic landing pages with the help of SeedProd.

Using SeedProd’s landing page builder, you can generate a dynamic page in WordPress. Its user-friendly interface simplifies customizing your landing pages significantly.

The plugin is both speedy and lightweight and so simple to operate that even a novice can generate dynamic pages without the need to recruit a programmer.



SeedProd is a powerful WordPress plugin that can be used to build dynamic web pages. It is easy to use, flexible and comes with a host of features. Creating a dynamic landing page on WordPress with SeedProd is simple. All you need to do is choose the right page mode and use its templates to create a landing page. SeedProd also comes with a number of helpful features, such as drag-and-drop content blocks, custom content fields, and Google Maps integration. The possibilities are endless with SeedProd. Whether you need to create a personalized blog or just need a simple online form to collect leads, SeedProd can help.

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