Payhip offers a useful guide to help you get accustomed to their platform. It explains the most crucial features of running an e-commerce site, such as creating a product and store and setting up a payment method. With just one click on the remaining tasks, you will be taken to that aspect of Payhip.

The platform is straightforward to use, but this guide accelerates the process. If you are ever perplexed, you may contact the Payhip support team.

Setting up your own site or adding an e-commerce section to your existing site with other options is much more complex. Therefore, if you are a novice, Payhip is a good choice. Payhip’s store builder comes with several pre-built sections that you can drag-and-drop and personalize. For instance, if you are selling online courses, it is straightforward to upload everything to Payhip and start sending people a single product page.

Building a website on WordPress and setting up a learning management system could take a long time to customize. Nonetheless, this complicated set up allows you to design a wonderful website with a captivating course space that can only be established through WordPress.

Payhip offers features that are mainly intended for digital products but also supports selling physical objects and order completion. However, it’s not equipped with complex integrations for shipping labels. All its pricing plans, including the zero-cost one, include all the features. Its startup guide is helpful and it’s great that you can use every single feature with no expense. All you have to do is open the store creator and begin.

Are you wondering if Payhip is the right platform for you?
Even though it is one of the least expensive ecommerce and shopping cart solutions that are available, Payhip has a huge range of features to offer.
If you are looking for a shopping cart that can handle the sale of physical goods, Payhip is not the right choice.

However, if you want to start an online business for selling digital items including ebooks, online tutorials, and coaching services, you can easily begin your online selling journey with a free plan from Payhip.

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